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State BOA Access

NEPR participates in the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Peer Review Facilitated State Board Access (FSBA).

how does the process work?

STATE BOA ACCESSThe FSBA process allows peer review results to be made available to select BOAs on a voluntary basis, using a secure, BOA access-only web site that is available only to authorized representatives of your states’ Board of Accountancy. NEPR posts applicable peer review information related to a firm’s most recently accepted review to this website. Firms may also request that their results be made available to more than one BOA, however, results are only posted for availability to BOAs that require peer review and are not prohibited from obtaining access to peer review information.

Firms that are not members of the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, Governmental Audit Quality Center or Private Companies Practice Section will have the opportunity to change their mind at any time after their information has been posted by notifying NEPR in writing. Once the notification is received, NEPR will remove the posted information and notify the firm.

Firms that do not volunteer to have their documents posted will have certain information (which is currently publicly available) posted to the secure BOA access-only web site, to include:

  • The firm’s name and address
  • The firm’s enrollment in the Peer Review Program
  • The date of acceptance and the period covered by the firm’s most recently accepted peer review
  • Whether the firm’s enrollment in the program was terminated (and firm’s enrollments that are dropped after January 1, 2009)

This information will helps us to maintain a complete database of all firms in the peer review program.

what documents are posted under this process?

The number of documents posted to the secure BOA web site for a firm varies based upon the results of the peer review. A firm will not choose which documents will be posted as each of those that are applicable (based on the results of the review) will be posted.

The following documents will be posted to the secure BOA web site, as applicable:

  • Peer review report
  • Letter of response
  • Acceptance letter
  • Letter(s) signed by the reviewed firm indicating that the peer review documents have been accepted with the understanding that the reviewed firm agrees to take certain actions
  • Letter notifying the reviewed firm or individual that certain required actions have been completed

Please note that Findings For Further Consideration (FFC) Forms are NOT posted to the BOA web site.

What happens if my firm already allows its peer review results to be posted to the existing public file as a condition of membership in the GAQC, EBPAQC or PCPS?

Because the information is already in the public file as a condition of membership, your firm will automatically have its peer review results posted to the secure BOA web site.

Your firm will not be able to opt out from providing access to the your State Board of Public Accountancy in PRIMA..