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Committee Meetings

The responsibility of the Report Acceptance Bodies (RABs) is to evaluate the results of the peer reviews administered and performed in the NEPR states, to determine the need for corrective actions, if any, and to make acceptance recommendations to the Executive Committee.

When the technical reviewer is satisfied that the documents are completed correctly, the review is submitted to a RAB, which consists of a minimum of three members of the Executive Committee, each from a different state, for review and suggested action. Each member examines the reviews and workpapers prior to meeting. Any reviews that are not consented to prior to, are then discussed with the full RAB at the meeting. The results are then summarized and the recommendations are presented to the full Executive Committee for final decision.

The results of the firm’s review are final when the Peer Review committee accepts the report and the workpapers. This final step ensures that a panel of your peers agrees with your reviewers' conclusions. You should not publicize the results of the review or distribute copies of the report until NEPR has advised you that the review has been accepted.

Find out more about our Committee Members on our Executive Committee page.