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Firm Structure Changes

There are six primary categories of Name Changes and Changes in Firm Structure that are identified for Peer Review Program purposes and may impact a firm’s peer review year end (and peer review history). When a firm has a change in name or structure, it must complete and submit to NEPR the Peer Review Change Form which can be downloaded from our Resources page.

Changes that require completion of the Peer Review Change Form include:

  • Firm Name Change
  • Firm Dissolution (A&A Partner Leaving Firm)
  • Firm Merger
  • Firm Purchase
  • Firm Sale
  • Job Class Changes or Change in Employment

The form does not need to be completed when:

  • A staff member in a firm becomes a partner and the firm name does not change.
  • A partner joins a firm and does not bring A&A clients to the new firm.

Once NEPR receives the completed form, we determine the impact to the firm’s peer review on a case by case basis using the appropriate guidance approved by the Peer Review Board.